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KunShan Systronics Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address: No.8, Building 2 RuiAn Road, BaCheng Town Supporting Industrial Base of Kunshan City, JiangSu Province, China.215300


     Kunshan Systronics Automation Technology Co.,Ltd is a subsdiary of Xintaili Holdings; Xintaili wasestablished in Mar.,2004, it’s a high-tech company, mainly manage precision mould/stamping/injection/die-casting/CNC/polishing/sand blasting/ wire drawing anodic oxidation/drilling, laser, print and mould assembly, which are extensivelapplied in motor vehicles, computers, communications, medical treatment,consumables and so on.
     Kunshan Systronics Automation Technology Co.,Ltd was established in Oct,2014 and it invest floor area of 5600 square meter. Meanwhile, our company has advanced production equipment and superior detecting instruments total 102sets,such as Engraving Machine,drilling machine,lathe,driller,tapping machine,CNC lathe,miller,flat-stone mill,2.5D and 3D.Since the company establish and with the fast development. From 2014, it sucessively focus on reserch,production, sales of products series, such as automatic/semi-automatic test equipment. Our company start to promote the comprehensive development of various automation equipment, has gradually grown into a high-tech automated total solutions provider. 
     Kunshan Systronics is an enterprise that provide one-stop intergated automation solution and also provide customers with innovative technology.

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